While a lot of us are glad to put 2020 behind in the rearview mirror there is still uncertainty surrounding what lies ahead in the world of digital marketing. With Covid 19 still at its peak around the world, you can’t help but wonder where you are going to end up as a marketer once the dust settles. Regardless if you are doing your own marketing or relying upon digital marketing services, it’s important to know what’s coming ahead if you want to survive the evolving marketing trends. Here are the top marketing trends to look forward to in 2021. 

SEO still stands strong

We have seen many digital marketing trends come and go over the years but one thing that has stood strong against the digital evolution is SEO. It is going to hold the same importance in your online marketing strategies as it did before but you may want to switch to more natural practices if you are still hooked to keyword stuffing without considering the context. Google only loves you when your audience loves you which means that you should direct all your efforts towards providing your audience with a seamless user experience. 

Whether it’s the content, design, or technical SEO, they should all be centered around a good user experience regardless if it’s an eCommerce website or a simple information-based website. 

Video Marketing 

Today, people are consuming more video content than ever before. The trend especially got a boost in 2020 when people were locked in at homes. That’s one of the reasons that TikTok is the fastest growing video streaming platforms. While many brands were able to capitalize on this trend of short video content, some are still finding it tricky to adapt to the entertaining nature of tiktok while maintaining the seriousness of their brand. Be sure to join in on the trend in 2021 as it may no longer be a choice but a question of survival for your brand.

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In case you have not noticed, an increased number of promotional newsletters that are falling into your inbox are getting increasingly personalized. Gone are the days when you could send out an email blast with a generic subject line. People expect more personalized campaigns nowadays which is why AI content tools are gaining popularity. 


From expanding your brand image to boosting ROI and engaging with your audience, SMM has long been an essential facet of digital marketing. Though not much has changed about the major social platforms over the past year, one thing that has been consistent among the mainstream social media platforms is how they are all encouraging more video content. They know the future belongs to the video content which is why if you aren’t already then you better start investing into video production. 

Imagine writing a whole blog explaining how to tie a knot when you could do the same in a five minutes video. If you think managing multiple accounts, and running paid campaigns is a little too much for you may want to consider hiring Social Media Marketing Services from a reputed agency instead of simply missing out on this huge trend.