A dynamic hosting service can truly complement your workload. It can support your unique needs if you are operating a data-hungry business. This is unlike an ordinary dedicated server that offers just a dedicated server. Indeed, the capture and harvesting of data are not limited to your type of business. Organizations now need to capture customers’ data for the very existence of their business. Analysis of customers’ data sourced from various apps and web interfaces gives businesses an insight into customer behavior. They need such insight for targeting businesses.

A Dynamic Dedicated Server

Data harvesting is no more a luxury of large businesses. Even small businesses need to handle huge amounts of data. This calls for a dynamic satisfactory dedicated server. Just a basic dedicated server cannot handle the surge in data without facing any uptime or availability issue. With such a server your business can offer an unblemished experience to the users. Let us look at the benefits of a dynamic dedicated server.

  • Dedicated server cores and RAM

Dedicated servers come with dedicated server cores. You can get 4 cores, 8 cores,12 cores, 16 cores, and more, etc depending on the plan. Along with cores, you can also get dedicated RAM. So, you can get 16 GB, 24 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, or more RAM depending on the plan.

  • Unmetered bandwidth in a satisfactory dedicated server

Data-hungry apps and systems need huge bandwidth. Moreover, the use of bandwidth may increase or decrease depending on usage. This is why these services offer unmetered bandwidth.

  • Upload-Download speed

Though the upload and download speeds depend on the plan, in most cases these services offer a minimum of 1 GB/second. However, the speed increases in higher plans.

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If you are considering making the hosting service more robust and dynamic with almost nil uptime, you can go for a dynamic dedicated server.