Dubai is the most modern city in the Middle East. There are many experts living here and English is the main language of communication between them. Many people, who haven’t been here, think that they can get their legal process done in English language too. Dubai is rapidly attracting global real estate investor attention to its freehold properties and everyone who intends to buy will have to get their documents approved from the government. Now, here’s the rub. The government here only accepts documents in Arabic language and that’s because Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates.

So, if you are trying to buy a house, an apartment, get a job or apply for a work visa, you need to get your documents translated to Arabic along with the applications and requests so the government officials can begin their processes. Thankfully there are numerous companies offering legal translation services in Dubai and you can easily get your documents translated. But all companies are not the same. While some lag in quality others usually cause delays due to excessive orders. If you are running deadlines, then you simply can’t afford any delay. This is why we have decided to write an article on the best tips for choosing a legal translation company in Dubai and here they are:


The company that should be translating your documents needs to be reliable because you are sharing your legal details with them. This is sensitive information and in the wrong hands, it can prove to have adverse effects on your case. You may end up losing money. So, when you are looking for a legal translation near me on Google, make sure you choose the most reliable company from the mass of options you will get. To ensure the reliability of a company, you can ask them about their previous work with clients and also look for their reviews online to determine their reliability and credibility.

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Money matters a lot. You can’t get yourself in some business you can’t afford to pay. This becomes even more important when you are carrying out some legal duties. You simply can’t afford delays due to non-payment of dues. This is why it is important that before you give up your documents for translation, you need to make sure that you can afford to have the documents translated. Many companies offering translation services in Dubai tend to charge a lot of money for simple translations. This is why it is best that you ask in advance about the money you have to pay for the services before sealing the deal.

Quick Turnarounds

You need to get your translations done quickly as it will prepare you for your case in advance or within time. Sometimes time is of the essence and you need your translations done really quickly. You can’t afford delays and you are in a situation where a delay is inevitable as you only remembered to get your documents translated at the eleventh hour? What do you do in this scenario? You get the translation services of a company that gets you everything done in a single day! Thankfully there are some companies in Dubai that offer you such services and Prime Legal Translations is one of them. These were our tried and tested tips for choosing the best legal translation company in Dubai. We hope you follow these tips and get your work done in time. Remember, the legal processes in Dubai need to be perfect and so should be your translation. Make sure everything is done perfectly before you submit anything to the government.

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